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The Grand Hyatt Kaua'i Resort & Spa in Kaua'i, Hawaii

If I could describe The Grand Hyatt resort in Kauai in one word, it would be incredible! It reminds so much of the type of hotel you would see when an advertisement of Hawaii comes on television—the traditional walk in, getting a beautiful lei placed around your neck—you can expect all that and more when you stay at The Grand Hyatt.

As soon as you enter the lobby, you’re even more amazed when you take in the grand ocean view along with, not one, but three large pools and a lazy river with a water slide! The downside with the ocean is that the waves are harsh and you’re not always able to go for a swim. Thankfully, there’s a beautiful saltwater lagoon that they’ve created which makes this resort even more surreal! If that wasn’t enough, swans greet you by the ponds near the lobby adding to the serene ambiance you feel as you begin to roam the resort. It’s just perfect!

The Grand Hyatt Resort and Spa in Kauai
Saltwater Lagoon

Now, as amazed as I was when I entered the hotel, I must say I was a bit disappointed by the accommodation. I would have preferred a more sophisticated style. Instead, the room featured antique/older wood furnishings and didn’t have a modern appeal. Then again, when you think of contemporary hotel rooms, Hawaii doesn’t necessarily come to mind since the islands cater for more natural and simple designs with many of their resorts. So, if your preference is minimalistic and chic suites then The Grand Hyatt may not be the ideal fit for you. Still, the resort makes up for this in many other ways because we certainly weren’t disappointed with breakfast!

We were there for a conference and so we actually had breakfast buffet-style under the tent but the resort boasts nine restaurants or spots to grab a meal with breakfast served at Ilima Terrace, Seaview Terrace and Island Tastes To Go, all of which provide a variety of options including Hawaiian sweet bread French toast, buttermilk pancakes, Belgian waffles and fresh smoothies.

Seaview Terrace

Lunch can be enjoyed at Hale Nalu, a poolside stop where you can grab burgers, wraps, tacos and more. Island Tastes to Go also has lunch options; the difference with this restaurant is that it’s specifically served by delivery; either to your room, on your porch or lanai, or by the beach if you want to have a picnic. Lunch is also served at Captain’s Bar where the views are spectacular as you enjoy the beauty of the ocean and vast pool areas.

Captain’s Bar

With all these options, I did expect lunch to be more enjoyable, however, it was underwhelming.. So, I would say, once you stick with the basics you should be good. In our opinion, the best food was served by the pool or bar, and that consisted mainly of chicken wings, nachos, burgers and other finger food. So, you know, nothing too mind-blowing. Plus, some of the resort's food prices are absolutely insane—you can easily find yourself spending $17 or more on just one drink. In fact, the Cadillac margarita served at Captain’s Bar goes for $21, and the mango daze vodka and syrup blend? $19. As refreshing as these drink options might be and as broad as the food choices are, I would actually recommend eating off property when you can. Everything we had off-property turned out to be 10 times better than what was offered at the hotel. We had pork belly which was amazing and sushi which was absolutely outstanding!

Speaking of pricing, take into consideration that when you get an Uber from the airport it can cost you hundreds of dollars based on the time. It’s best to secure an Uber as quickly as you can because once there’s a demand, the price increases. You can also reach out to us to assist you with your transportation so you don’t have to rely on an Uber at all.

Now for what’s beyond the resort. I was thrilled to see that there’s a hiking trail up into the cliffs nearby. So, for the adventure-seekers and nature-lovers, I’m sure you’ll want to add this fun activity to your vacation itinerary. Be sure to stay on track so you don’t get lost along the hike. Nonetheless, it’s right by the ocean, so you should be able to easily find your way back.

As for the entertainment at The Grand Hyatt, there’s not really a team of people designated for that from what we observed but we did enjoy other activities such as bike riding to a plaza nearby—you can rent these bikes in front of the hotel which is really cool! There’s also a golf course adjacent to the resort, Poipu Bay Golf. It offers daily lessons, GPS equipped golf carts, complete locker rooms and a full practice facility! These are just a few of the activities and amenities that prove The Grand Hyatt to truly be ideal for families, especially since it’s so kid-friendly too.

Oceanfront view of the Poipu Bay Golf Course

As I think back on my time in Kauai, it has become one of my favorite islands to visit in Hawaii, thanks to the jaw-dropping views and friendly nature of the people living there. It has such a spiritual vibe as well, creating the perfect environment for relaxation, and don't we all love to relax on vacation?. It’s as if God looked over Kauai and placed a special blessing on it. That's the feeling I get when I'm there, so it is without a doubt that I would go back, and I'd highly recommend that you experience The Grand Hyatt in Kauai for yourself too!

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