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Mediterranean Tour, Day 11: New Heights in Antalya, Turkey

Hey there! I’m here with more stories from our latest stop. We went to Antalya, Turkey and let’s just say, Turkey is here for the win. We have been to many countries on this cruise, but every Turkish city blows us away.  

So, our adventure started with a bit of trepidation on Anthony's part. You see, he has a huge fear of heights and the prospect of scaling Mount Olympus via cable car had him contemplating a last-minute cancellation. But fear not, he bravely soldiered on for the sake of our travel diary…..oh, and his wife!

As we started on the hour-long journey from the port to Mount Olympus, the roads got windier and narrower, and our ears popped more times than we could count. We had a few nerves, but the beauty of the landscape calmed us down. 

Now, about the cable cars; picture a crowded subway pod suspended in mid-air by steel cables. As we ascended higher and higher, the views became increasingly jaw-dropping, with snow-capped mountains and blue seas stretching out as far as the eye could see.

But here's the kicker: Mount Olympus stands at a whopping 9,572 feet tall, which is higher than your average commercial flight altitude. So yeah, we were as high as a plane when the flight attendant notifies the cabin that they can take off their seatbelts and move about the cabin...insane! When we were approaching the top of the mountain, I was  definitely feeling those chilly winds….sweater weather turned into coat, gloves, and scarf weather very quickly. 

Once we reached the summit, we were greeted with panoramic views that could rival even the most picturesque postcards.  As we soaked in the stunning scenery, we couldn't help but marvel at the incredible journey we were on. From hesitant beginnings to triumphant summits, it was a testament to the power of adventure, the thrill of exploration, and God’s protection.

After our exhilarating cable car ride, we explored the archaeological wonders of the area, from ancient Acropolises to Roman baths and theaters. And I can't forget about the serene lake tucked amidst lush forests— this hidden gem took our breath away. Anthony even joined a few people that he met from Alabama for a game of rock throwing. 

So, to all you fellow travel enthusiasts out there, if you ever find yourself in Antalya, Turkey, don't miss the chance to go on your own Mount Olympus adventure. Whether you're a thrill-seeker, a history buff, or you're simply in search of jaw-dropping views, this place has something for everyone.

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