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Mediterranean Tour, Day 13: Exploring Crete, Greece

Hello everyone, I am so excited to share how we spent our day exploring the charming island of Crete, Greece.

Our excursion began with us cruising along Crete's winding roads, with breathtaking views around every bend but also with me holding on for dear life! Now, since our parents are from Jamaica, we're used to some wild driving, but Crete took it to a whole new level! Half the thrill of our tour was the ride up those narrow mountain sides!

Our first official stop was a quaint monastery tucked away in the hills. Stepping inside felt like stepping back in time and I was again left in awe of the beauty. We saw faded paintings on the walls of Jesus, the Apostles, The Last Supper and The Virgin Mary. It was pretty cool to see Jesus depicted with darker skin tones—it was interesting to see how Jesus was viewed in Greece compared to Italy.

Next up was my favorite part: lunchtime! We stopped by a little local joint and oh boy, did they spoil us. We enjoyed an abundance of food, from savory meatballs to mouthwatering pork and potatoes, and a delectable selection of sweet desserts. The dishes were very unique but undeniably delicious! And I can’t forget the wine— Who knew that wine from Crete was so delicious?!

After lunch, we wandered around downtown Crete and were spoiled yet again. Let me tell you, the shopping prices in Crete were unbelievable! We may have gone a little overboard with the souvenirs, but hey, the deals were just that good!

The thing that really blew me away though was the people. Everyone we met was so friendly and welcoming. Special thanks to the restaurant owner who treated us like family and the pharmacist who went above and beyond to find me the perfect toothbrush.

Overall, our time in Crete was incredible, and we made many cherished memories there. This island has a little piece of my heart, and I can't wait to come back for more adventures. Until next time, Crete—thanks for the good times!

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