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Mediterranean Tour, Day 10: A Day in Paphos, Cyprus

Updated: Mar 9

Hello friend! I’m back with stories from the next stop on our Mediterranean tour - the captivating destination of Paphos, Cyprus.

Our journey began as our ship docked at the port, and we hopped onto a tender – a surprisingly comfortable lifeboat that ferried us to the shore. Paphos welcomed us with well-kept streets and a modern cityscape but the transition from city to countryside was what left me in awe. Pictures definitely do not do justice.

Our first stop - a charming Phyti village, exuded a warmth that felt like a step back in time. We saw charming older ladies crafting cloth with their hands on their doorstep and met a happy little puppy that showed us around town. 

As impressed as I was by all the handmade art, I was much more moved by the familial aspect of the village that was revealed to me; how everyone was so connected and how sincere and welcoming they were to us. It was almost like they knew a long sought after secret to life. 

Our next adventure took us to the Vouni Panayia Winery, a family-run gem nestled in the heart of Cyprus. They led us on a tour throughout their winery where they take a more traditional approach to winemaking. 

Then we got a chance to taste a range of their wines. (Side note: I may need to take a class on describing wine and knowing how to explain if I like it and what I don't like about it.) However, we left with two bottles – the dry white and the timeless dessert wine.

Next up was a visit to the Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery. The dedication to the beauty of churches in Europe is always enchanting. The views, the history, and the intimate atmosphere within the monastery provided a profound sense of tranquility and deep connection. We even saw some monks there. 

At the end of the day, we took a stroll along the boardwalk that seemed more geared towards tourists than locals. Overall, I’d say Cyprus is an ideal retreat for those seeking solace way off of the grid. The familial warmth in Phyti village, the art, and the slower pace of life makes it the perfect spot for a quiet escape, a place to write, or somewhere to rediscover oneself.

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