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Mediterranean Tour, Day 8: A Day in Kusadasi, Turkey

Today's tales come from the sun-kissed city of Kusadasi, where the weather surprised us with a much warmer welcome than we expected but we had no complaints. Leaving  our cruise ship, we drove into Ephesus, a city saturated in biblical history.

Legend has it that Mary sought refuge in the hills of Ephesus, and we visited the very home where this tale unfolded. We weren’t allowed to take pictures in the house, but we soaked in the history, imagining the stories and how they got passed on through the ages.

In walking distance of the home that is believed to be the Virgin Mary’s house before she passed, there were three fountains promising good health, great wealth, and good love. There is also a wall nearby where prayers are pinned on tissues or ribbons and tied to the wall. 

From there, we wandered through the heart of Ephesus, a beautiful landscape full of olive trees and majestic mountains. Did you know the city lay buried until the 1800s? English builders stumbled upon it while crafting a railroad. Today, only a third of its secrets have been unearthed.

Our stroll through the ancient city revealed public bathrooms, hospitals, temples, and shops – a real-life journey through biblical pages. The amphitheater echoed Acts chapter 19 which speaks of a riot breaking out in an attempt to prevent the Apostle Paul from sharing the gospel. We were even able to see the prison where Paul was held at the time. The Bible really came to life once again for me on this trip. I sat on the steps of the theater and imagined everything occurring right before my eyes. 

Back in Kusadasi, we explored shops renowned for their silk scarves and Turkish rugs. In this charming town, I saw beauty around every corner. It seemed as if the whole time was back in time; living in a completely different century. As much as we love western civilization, it’s incredible to see a different pace and way of living. Kusadasi definitely left an imprint on our hearts.

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