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Mediterranean Tour, Day 6: Strolling Through Istanbul, Turkey

Hey there, it's Lisa Marie and Anthony, still buzzing from our Istanbul adventures! Day two kicked off with a much later wake-up call – still adjusting to the major timezone hop, but once our eyes were finally open, our next adventure awaited.

We started our day with a walking tour that landed us at the doorstep of the Pera Palace hotel – a place that practically whispered elegance and history. Amidst its grandeur, we slowed down to enjoy their signature “Orient Tea” experience with Turkish tea and desserts.

by @perapalacehotel

Day two was a complete contrast from our experience yesterday. Yesterday, we experienced the historical mosques, churches, and the Grand Bazaar. Today, we saw the progressive aspects of Istanbul. You definitely have to soak up both sides of Istanbul to get the full experience.

I loved seeing this side of Istanbul. The younger crowd was strutting their stuff with serious swag. Handsome guys, beautiful ladies – singles, take note; your future spouse might just be sipping tea in Istanbul! I definitely don’t think that Istanbul gets enough credit for their fashion and style. It was impressive!

Hair transplants and nose jobs were a common occurrence. I am not sure if these patients were residents of Istanbul or visitors that came for the great rate. 

Now, let's talk food! Turkish coffee, baklava (Anthony's true love), and a little Starbucks action for that homey touch. Pro tip: you have to do a food tour in Istanbul! 

Dinner was the real deal. We ate at Gunaydin. It was the best food we'd tasted this whole time in Europe– and trust me, we're not exaggerating.

Americans, wake up and smell the Turkish coffee! Turkish food is so underrated. Every bite was a revelation – hummus that danced in flavor, the Tulum cheese gave me a melt-in-your-mouth moment, and the lamb dishes were pure art. Anthony and his Baklava affair? Well, that’s still going strong.

In a nutshell, Istanbul's a city that defies the rulebook. Great food, beautiful views, and amazing culture. As we wave a teary goodbye to Istanbul's open-armed embrace, our excitement for the next chapter in Kusadasi is reaching peak levels.

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