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Mediterranean Tour, Day 3: A Biblical Tour Through Athens

Our next day began with another early rise. We headed to the Perianth Hotel for a delightful breakfast. The spread included fresh Greek yogurt, croissants, and an array of cheeses and fruits. At this point, everything that we have eaten in Greece has tasted heavenly.

Our excursion for the day was focused on St. Paul and his journey in Athens, but first we stopped at the iconic Acropolis and the ancient temples[including the Temple of Zeus]. We watched as history unfolded before our eyes.

Mars Hill, a significant highlight, became the stage where Paul preached to the Athenians, captivating them with the story of Jesus Christ. We stood at the top of this hill trying to imagine the boldness of Paul, the curiosity of the Athenians, and emotions of the day. We also tried to take in the realization that we were standing in that very spot where a huge part of Christian history occurred,

Leaving Mars Hill and the Acropolis behind, we ventured to Corinth, immersing ourselves in the monuments, churches, and murals dedicated to Paul. Discovering the enduring Christian presence in Corinth, we were moved by the impact of Paul's teachings.

The story took an intriguing turn when we visited the old port, where Paul concluded his vow with a symbolic haircut a ship ride to Ephesus with Acquilla and Pricilla.

In Corinth, the ruins of a baptism pool stood as a testament to the enduring impact of Paul's ministry. Despite the destruction by an earthquake, the spiritual resonance remained palpable. There is a tangible connection we could feel to the Bible when walking the same paths as its historical figures. If someone ever questioned the validity of the Bible, I recommend a visit to this sites.

While we are travel consultants, our purpose extends beyond booking trips. We invite you to connect with us, not just for travel plans but to explore the spiritual path that these historical sites unveil. Our journey was not merely about experiencing the Mediterranean but about making the Bible come to life for us.

After our tour we returned to The Perianth for lunch and once again we were absolutely blown away - I ordered a gyro with veal and it was the best burger of my life!

We then checked out of our amazing hotel and set off to our 12 day, 6 star luxury cruise on the Silver Seas.

Stay tuned!

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