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Live Aqua Day 4 & 5

Our fourth day at Live Aqua was a spa day! The spa isn’t as spacious and elaborate as it used to be but we still had access to the sauna where you can enjoy hydrotherapy, the steam room, as well as, the hot and cold pools. They also have really nice rooms for you to get a massage and I must say, the session I had with the massage therapist, Nancy, was absolutely incredible!

We continued our day hanging out by the pool, unwinding under the cabana, and meeting new people! We walked down to the beach which has everything you need in close proximity. There’s a bar where you can get drinks, swings, and hammocks that add a real tropical vibe to the resort.

Surprisingly, by the pool, there was a party going on—when we visited years back, the focus was placed on wellness and relaxation with quieter surroundings. So, it’s a lot livelier than we remember it. Which is not a problem at all. I will say, I realize the sophistication of the resort has decreased, so maybe keeping a more tranquil ambiance would have helped to maintain the elegant vibe that used to set it apart from other hotels.

After we left the pool, we returned to our room to relax before dining at the prominent MB restaurant, known for serving exquisite Latin and Mexican-flavored dishes. It’s said to be one of the most difficult restaurants to secure a reservation for because of how chic and unique it is, and I’m happy to say, MB lived up to its name. It felt like I was stepping into a restaurant in New York City! I really enjoyed it!

At MB, four courses are served. As appetizers, we ordered the habanero soup that’s served in a bread bowl with chips coming out of it. It was very flavorful and had just the right amount of spice to make it memorable. Next, I had shrimp and caviar while Anthony had the fish—both meals were delicious! For our third course, we chose the medallion filet mignon which was very tasty as well! Although, I should have gotten the filet done medium because the meat wasn’t as tender as I would have liked.

For dessert, which we thoroughly enjoyed, I had the brownie with ice cream and Anthony had some pistachio ice cream paired with a small white rum cake. Overall, MB was definitely one of our favorite spots to eat, along with the Asian restaurant Hidden Garden. If I were to stay at Live Aqua again, I would just make reservations at these two restaurants, over and over again, lol! To top it all off, we met some great people who were also vacationing at the resort. Connecting with people while on vacation always makes your stay extra special.

Day five marked the end of our stay at Live Aqua which also meant reminiscing on the past four days which were fantastic! While it started off rocky with our first butler Isaiah, Rodrigo really saved the day! He was so personable and went above and beyond, dropping off champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries to our room. So, if you can get the club level status, I guarantee it will be worth it! With the right butler, you won’t be disappointed. Plus, the daily cabana and 20-foot massage will make your stay even more enjoyable.

All-around the food is pretty good too. I think both lunch and dinner are more than satisfactory. Breakfast, however, could use some improvement. I would have loved for the food to be a little bit hotter and the drinks to be colder.

The pool area and renovated rooms are really nice and modern, however, I do believe the building itself needs to be enhanced. Just a couple of changes to allow guests to see more of the resort’s beauty upon entrance into the lobby. The wow factor is missing there. The spa could also use a facelift, especially since that’s where you rely on to unwind the most—the design and ambiance ought to be top tier.

Live Aqua is an older hotel and that has a part to play in its overall appearance. Nonetheless, I would stay at the resort again. In comparison to a lot of hotels, it is still more relaxed and has some amazing food options, which I know makes it the perfect vacation destination for so many travelers.

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