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Carnival Vista Cruise - Day 5

We are in the Cayman Islands! The ship arrived at Grand Cayman bright and early at 7am, but we didn’t get off the boat until 9ish. The cruise ship couldn’t pull up right to the dock, so we had a taxi boat pull up right next to the ship and take us all to the shore. These boats held at least 75-100 people and was so fun to ride on!

We arrived at a dock with even more photographers ready to take our picture with the

cruise ship in the background off in the distance, and a sign that said “Grand Cayman” on it. The pictures looked so great! Once we passed through the gate, we arrived at several shops with all sorts of Grand Cayman merchandise and looked around for a bit until we went into town.

We skipped breakfast on the boat to eat something on land, and I was so glad we did!

We went to a little restaurant right in town, and I had the jerk chicken sandwich with a frozen

latte! It tasted amazing! The restaurant was right next to the water, and we got to watch the

water while feeling the breeze. It was so cloudy due to all the weather in the gulf, but it still felt great to be outside.

Right after we finished brunch, we started walking back to the dock since we had a quick

turnaround to be back on the boat by 1:15 pm. We were going back a little early, so when we ran into some people we knew from the cruise, we stopped with them for a bit to go to a bar. The actual bar had a clear opening on the top with sand and seashells inside. It was so pretty to look at! We all got some frozen fruity drinks, cheered our cups, then after some laughs and chit-chat, we started heading back to the ship.

When we got back to the area where you check back into the ship, the line was wrapped

around the entire building. We got back in line around 12:30 pm , and we finally made it to a taxi boat around 1:00 pm! We were getting pretty worried, but the Carnival crew assured everyone that they would get every person in line on the boat. We made it back on the ship right at 1:15 pm and headed towards the trivia games.

We made it to the Ocean Plaza just in time for the beginning of "Big Band Theory Trivia"My family used to watch this show together all the time, so we thought we had this in the bag! We did not. Out of 20, we maybe got 6 correct each. Those questions were so specific, and we couldn’t remember any of them! Right after that, "Guess That Song: 70’s and 80’s Trivia" came on, and we just had to stay! As my cousin would say, my momma raised me right because I got 14 out the 20 right! They played about 5 seconds of each song and asked us to guess. When they came back to say all the correct answers, we all sang out each and every song the whole way through! Lastly, "Mean Girls Trivia" came next, and we stayed for it yet again. We did even worse than the "Big Bang Theory Trivia!" Those questions were just so specific, like “What did Damion say to Caty as he was driving away?”I had no idea, but apparently a bunch of other people did. The girl directly next to us, guessed every single question correctly as well as a girl across the room. They had one last question to break the tie: “How many minutes is the movie Mean Girls?” They both got it correct! 97 minutes! I love some movies, but I don’t think I could tell you how long any of them are! The next trivia game was coming up, so they gave them both a Carnival trophy to save time.

Once our trivia games were over, we went to the Red Frog Pub to play the bean bag

toss, or how I know it; Cornhole! We got there and were spilt off into teams of two. The first round was just one turn of throwing the four bags and whichever team got the most points when all four players threw, went on to the next round! We lost the very first game, but I blame that on the rainy weather making the board sticky. My parents, however, made it to the semifinals! The team that beat them went to the finals and won! They were each given a Carnival trophy.

We were so excited for dinner tonight because they had filet mignon as an included option! It was pretty good, but not the best steak I’ve ever had. However, the potatoes that came with it really brought it together. I had the crab cake as my appetizer and it was absolutely amazing. Plus, the vanilla soufflé for dessert was absolutely incredible. The serving sizes are really small. My cousin got the shrimp entrée and was given 4 shrimps with a few cauliflower florets. He ended up getting another entrée just to fill himself up.

We scurried back down to the Liquid Lounge after dinner to hit the singer/dancer

group’s new show, Rock America. They sang all the top rock hits so well and danced so hard

with some crazy lifts throughout the show. They had everyone out of their seats singing and

dancing along through almost the entire show! It was a blast to watch. I was so surprised with their ability to be so coordinated and throw people in the air while the boat was rocking from all of the choppy water.

Later after the show, we made our way over to the sports bar where I watched my dad

play some poker and listened to people get way to excited over hockey. I’m from the south

where that doesn’t exist so I couldn't understand. Though I love to play some good Texas Hold’em, I opted out and just watched for a bit before I met up with some other family over at karaoke. We watched a few songs before they finished up as we were trying to kill time before the 80’s dance in the Limelight Lounge later. When it was finally time to head there, we went in and found some seats to wait for more people to get there before we made a fool out of ourselves out on the dance floor. A few songs went by, and when Footloose came on, we busted a move! Apparently, no one else knew the dance because we were the only ones out there with maybe 4 other people. The dancing then came to a lull, until people finally found the courage, or liquid courage to make it out to the dance floor. We jammed out to all the best 80s hits, and honestly there were more people dancing that were born way after the 80s than those from that era. Nevertheless, we had so much fun dancing and singing along to all the songs.

Once 12:15 am came along, the DJs switched, and the Nightclub Hits began! The people

there for the 80s music ran out quick, and the 18-20 somethings filled the room. If you can’t tell already, I love to dance, but I have to have dancing music to really have a good time. This DJ did just that! Every song he played was one you could really move to, and we all had a great time dancing all night!

After closing down the club, we made our way back to the pizza hut to get a late snack

and hydrate with some water after dancing for a few hours. We sat a chatted for a while longer with a new friend, and before we knew it, it was 3 am and we headed back to the room. We have an excursion in Cozumel tomorrow, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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