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Carnival Vista Cruise - Day 7 and Debarking

By: Jenna Barnes

It is the last day of the cruise. This trip has felt like the longest yet shortest vacation ever. We have been running around so much going from show to show and port to port that we used this day to just relax and enjoy our first day of real sun since we got on the boat.

We slept in today and took our time getting up and dressed for the pool. Once we finally got out of the room, we missed the breakfast buffet, so we waited for Guy’s Burgers to open to get something to eat. We each got another juicy burger, and they were just as good as before.

We went to go look for some lounge chairs on the Lido deck, but everyone was out today and the deck was so crowed. It seemed like everything had a longer line, and we waited for everywhere we went. We decided to go up to Serenity, the adult only area, and found a few open chairs. When we walked up there to go to them, the wind almost pushed us back down the stairs. The wind was so bad that everyone’s drinks were spilling, and towels and pillows were flying everywhere. Serenity is on the top floor and that wind just blew through the whole area. We couldn’t handle it, so we went back to the search for lounge chairs on the Lido deck.

Finally, we found a few chairs right next to each other on the upper level of the Lido, and laid there for a while until my already sunburned skin couldn’t handle anymore sun. So, I went on a search to find some chairs on the lower level by the pool. After some searching and waiting, we finally found 2 chairs and I headed to the overly crowded pool to sit in some shallow water in the shade.

After some more relaxation and fun conversations with my friend (from back home, that just happened to be on the same cruise as well), we headed back to the room to get out of the sun and get dressed for some trivia that was about to start. This trivia was What’s That Song: One Hit Wonders. We were just a few minutes late, but Carnival is very punctual with all of their events, and just being 5 minutes late had you missing 6 questions, so we sat this one out and listened to the songs playing as we waited for the next trivia game, Harry Potter. I was so excited for this one because I just finished watching all the movies just a few weeks ago. We got our trivia card and pencil and listened as each question was asked. With each question, I had that moment where you can remember the exact scene in the movie, but I couldn't think of the answer. That happened with several questions, but ultimately, I got 12 out of 20 correct, and I had so much fun with all the other Harry Potter nerds playing with us.

Once that was over, we went back down to the Limelight Lounge for our last comedy show, the adult one, and it was the best one yet. Sid Davis is one of the best comedians I have ever heard. He is so quick with a joke and keeps them going the entire show. I feel that the other comedians took too long to get to the punch line sometimes, and you can usually anticipate the joke, but Sid’s jokes were all out of left field that it really made you laugh out of astonishment sometimes!

As we finished up the comedy show, we headed back to karaoke one last time. We sang and danced in our chairs with the Fun Team member that is always there, Carlos, and had a great time. Before we knew it, it was almost time for dinner, so we finished up our conversations with some friends we made and headed up to the restaurant.

Tonight’s food was actually not too bad! I had the frog legs for an appetizer, the Caribbean Jerk for my entrée, and the baked Alaska for dessert. It was all so tasty, especially the frog legs ... which I was very surprised about. The baked Alaska was a slice of ice cream cake with Neapolitan ice cream in the middle, and it was really good. I took a picture with our server to capture the some memories.

After dinner, we headed up to get some coffee and sit for a bit before the 80’s Dance Party on the Lido Deck. They have had to reschedule this event 3 times due to weather, and today was the day it finally happened. We all danced with Kendall Fire, the cruise director. On the last song, she chose 6 men to stand at the end of the dance floor do the Dirty Dancing lift! It was so fun to watch! Everyone was cheering so loud, and they all held her up as they walked around the Lido deck. That ended the 80’s party, but the nightclub opened up right after, so we headed there for one last night.

As we walked into the Limelight Lounge, the lights turned off and the music blasted. We all went over to the dance floor and danced the night away. They played some great songs and we got to dance with all the friends we met throughout the cruise. They started the nightclub an hour earlier since we had to be out of our staterooms at 8:15am, but that didn’t stop them from going an hour longer! We shut the place down again, headed to our rooms, took our last shower of the cruise, packed, then got in our incredible comfortable beds for the very last time.

Debarking Day: We all started bright and early. They asked us to be out of our rooms by 8:15 am so they could get them ready for the cruisers coming on later that day. We aren’t going to actually get off of the ship for a while, so we went to breakfast at the buffet to get something to eat. We ended up sitting at those tables along with half of the cruise for about 3 hours before it was finally our turn to get off the boat. We waited in the extremely long line to get on to the dock, then waited in another line to check our passports/birth certificates, then waited in one last line to get our luggage that we had checked the night before. When we finally made it out to the area where we would get picked up by our shuttle back to our car, we ended up waiting another hour out in the hot sun for it for the van to arrive. It had already been a long day and by time we made it back to the car, we were all exhausted and slept the whole way home.

This trip was one I will always remember! If you are looking for a great time on a cruise ship doing all sorts of fun things, I highly recommend Carnival Cruise line. I had so much fun writing these blogs and I hope y’all had a great time reading them! Until next time, byeeee!

Email me at to answer any of your questions or to book your next cruise.

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