Carnival Vista Cruise - Day 6

By: Jenna Barnes

Cozumel, Mexico was our very last port! The ship arrived in Cozumel around 10am, and we

were some of the first people off the ship since we had an excursion at 10:30 am. We went to

Chankanaab Adventure Beach Park for an all-inclusive time with snorkeling, beach access, food, and drinks!

We got off the cruise ship and made our way down the dock, which was through a very long shopping center with great AC and so much merchandise, alcohol, cigarettes, and candy. At the end of the dock, there were hundreds of shops around with excursion starting points everywhere. We headed to our excursion point, number 9, and met our tour guide.

As our tour guide introduced himself and gave us a lowdown on how the day would go, we headed to the taxis to go to the Chankanaab Adventure Beach Park. The line was so long to get on a taxi, but when we finally got on a taxi we were surprised with how clean they were and had great AC! Yes, I am mentioning the AC's essential. Our tour guide spoke to us throughout our drive. He stated that he has been a guide for 10 years and he absolutely loves it!

When we arrived at the Chankanaab Adventure Beach Park and entered a giant cabana. It was filled with shops and a beautiful fountain. We walked towards a waterfall feature and took a picture with people in costumes. Then, we took a tour of the park with our tour guide. There was a building that we went to for free food and drinks. The other side was a Mayan

monument replica, further down had carts with souvenirs, to the right was a seal show, and below was the beach where we would go snorkeling.We stopped at the shops for a second to look for some goodies, then headed towards the snorkeling area to get our gear. As we put on our googles, lifejackets, and fins, we waddled over to the water and carefully walked down the slippery step to the water after our safety meeting. I looked down and I immediately saw so many fish! They swam up to us and they weren’t afraid at all. They were whipping around me, almost like they were playing a game of whocould get closest before getting touched. I don’t know what it is about humans, but we just want to pet everything, so you know all of us were trying to touch the fish! No one succeeded, but the fish definitely made you think we could!

Our guide took us further out where the coral reef was, and we looked around there for a

while until a man appeared in the water with a camera and fish food and took our picture

under the water with the fish all around us. After exploring for a little bit longer, we

headed back to land for the tequila testing!