Carnival Vista Cruise - Day 4

By: Jenna Barnes

Jamaica baby!! We arrived at our first stop of our 7 day cruise; Montego Bay, Jamaica! We woke up pretty early to enjoy as much of Jamaica as possible. So, we got up, got dressed and grabbed a quick breakfast at the buffet, which was the same food as the night before and it tasted about the same too.

We then went down to deck 0 and got in line to check our boat cards. The boat card is the card used to check into your room, get drinks, buy things, or anything that requires access to your information. Once they scanned them and checked us out, we walked out to Jamaica! Quick note: If you have a medical exemption or are not vaccinated for any reason, you will not be allowed one step off the boat unless you buy a Carnival excursion. Please keep this in mind as we saw some people who couldn’t go because they did not know that.

Once we got out on Jamaican soil, we took some pictures with a Jamaican backdrop with a Carnival photographer and made our way to the bus area. They were loading people up so quickly, so make sure you are getting on the correct bus. We did not have a booked excursion here, so we just went on a transportation bus that took us to a beach for cruisers only. If you have an excursion, you will need to go to your specific bus.

Once we got on the bus, we were greeted by our “tour guide” on the microphone over the speakers. We were stuffed in this van with maybe 20 people, but everyone was so fun, and we laughed the whole ride together. Our guide, Norman, taught us some Jamaican language to start us off: “Ya Mon” means “yes”, “Irie” means “good”, and “No problem” means “No Problem!"

Norman then explained to us that they drive a little differently there. They drive on the left side of the road, and the other side was called the su-i-cide. They drove past all the picturesque places as slowly as possible, and when the road was clear, they took off! We were zipping down the roads, everyone was honking, and everyone seemed to know what each individual honk meant. Our first stop was a shop in the middle of what they called a town, but nobody wanted to get off, so they finally took us to the beach.

The guide kindly walked each of us off the bus, and to the front entrance of the beach where you had to pay for entrance, chairs, and umbrellas. The second I stepped out of the bus, I was swarmed with people trying to sell us things, especially weed. I cannot tell you the number of times I was offered it. After declining all of my offers, we made it to the beach and it was gorgeous! The water was so blue, the sand was soft, and the sun was out! We dropped our things off and headed immediately to the water. It was the perfect temperature of cold in the hot sun. They had 3 trampolines floating in the distance and we made our way over there. We climbed up and took turns jumping off into the crystal blue water.