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Carnival Vista Cruise - Day 3

By: Jenna Barnes

Today was not an ordinary day at sea. A thunderstorm hit us hard and quick. The clouds rolled through, and the wind was gusting! The water was so rough, yet the boat just had a little rock to it, and it was nothing crazy. Bad weather on a cruise has always been my worst fear, but the bad weather was almost nothing on this ship. The only bad thing that we had to deal with was that we wore really cute swimsuits and never got to use them because of the rain.

We attempted to wake up 3 times this morning but failed every time until around 10:30. We got up, put our super cute swimsuits on, and headed over to the buffet to get some breakfast before we headed to the pool. It was pretty windy when we walked across the Lido deck to get there, but the sun was out, and it was still a nice day. We got lucky yet again, and we got the last plates before they closed the buffet again to get ready for lunch. They had an array of breakfast options including French toast, fruit, sausage, hashbrowns, even an egg’s benedict! None of it was very good, other than the Danishes, but it was filling enough to start heading to the lounging area.

Right when we walked outside, grey clouds filled the sky and it start pouring. Everyone started running inside and the waves were going crazy. The boat was a little rocky, but the Cruise Director came on the speaker and explained that we will have some bad weather, but there is no danger in the area, we may just bounce a little bit. When we got inside, we realized that the day wasn’t even close to being ruined since they had so many things going on inside the ship all day long! We made our way over the Library Bar where they had books, board games, and cards to watch the weather out the window and relax a bit.

We stayed there while we waited for the Deal or No Deal show to come on in the Liquid Lounge, then when the time got close, we headed that way. We got there and the room was already packed with people. There were selling cards to play along with the show, but we passed since they were kind of expensive. We sat up at the top where we could see the whole screen, and the Cruise Director came out in her signature sparkly shoes to get the show started. They picked a random card number and the person that had that number was called up to the stage to be the contestant for the show.

She got up there and chose case 15. She then started the game choosing case after case ultimately getting almost every high number she could, other than $400 and $1,000. Then they had a banker call to give the banker amount- which started at $150 for her. She screamed “No Deal!” and shut the case over the deal button and continued. She chose a few more cases and got almost all low numbers! We were all cheering for her! The banker came back with a higher amount, but she just screamed, “No Deal!” again, and went on to the next few cases until the banker offered $500 with just 3 cases left, and $5, $30, and $1,000 still on the board. Everyone screamed at her to take the deal, except me, and she kept going! We were all at the edge of our seats when she picked a case and cheered as loud as possible when it turned out to be $30. It was now down to her case and one more, when offered to switch cases, she said no and kept going with her original one! She opened the case, and it was the $1,000!! We all stood up out of our seats and cheered for her! It was so much fun to watch!

The next contestant came up and her luck was not as great. She came up and picked every single high number until it came down to the last 2 cases and the only amounts left were $0.25 and $50. She left a quarter richer… Nonetheless, we had so much fun watching and screaming out which cases we thought they should pick and left with smiles.

We then hurried over the Havana Bar to catch some more karaoke! We didn’t participate this time, but we were greeted with many more great singers as well as the pub crawlers! Havana Bar was the last stop of the crawl, so they were coming in pretty toasted with matching t-shirts but seemed to be having so much fun! The weather calmed down a little bit, but not the waves. The boat continued to rock a good bit, so I called it quits at karaoke, and headed back to the room to take some motion sickness medicine and lay down before dinner.

Later, we got ready for an early dinner and headed to our table with the same server as the night before. For tonight’s dinner, I got the pork slider, the Paccheri Di Richetta, and the chocolate panna cotta. Everything tonight was absolutely amazing! I savored every single bite until I was done.

Once we were all stuffed, we started walking down to the piano bar for a sing along with the piano man. The bar was gorgeous, and the piano player was so good! I was able to sit up front and watch his hands move up and down the piano keys in a hypnotic manner. His fingers moved so fast, strumming each key. We sang all the fun crowd pleasers like “Friends in Low Places”, “Rocket Man, “Sweet Caroline”, and more. It was so fun singing and dancing in our giant comfy chairs, and when “Piano Man” came on, the house started rocking. We all shouted at the tops of our lungs every lyric. By the close of the song, and that last sip of my drink, I left my group to head back to the room to go to bed since that motion sickness medication made me pretty drowsy, but on the way back, I came across the Mega Deck Party on the Lido deck!

The stunning Cruise Director was out on the deck leading everyone in a brand-new line dance. Everyone was getting down and having a blast! I was too tired to join in, but I really enjoyed watching each person dance their hearts out and listen to some fun music. After about 20 minutes and watching and enjoying the “show”, I headed back to the room, put on another free movie, What Happens in Vegas, and hit the sack early because we are going to arrive to Jamaica tomorrow!! I’m so excited! We are waking up bright and early to get on the island and do some excursions! I will let you know how it all goes tomorrow!

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