Carnival Vista Cruise: Day 2

Updated: May 31

By: Jenna Barnes

It’s day 2, our first full day on the boat! We are at sea, and we will make it to Montego Bay on day 4. We woke up this morning around 9:30 am to order room service before it closed at 10 am. I ordered a bagel with cream cheese and coffee.The bagel was kind of cold, and the coffee was not the best, but it was good enough to eat before we went out to the pool.

We got in our swimsuits and started heading to the pool. We were looking for the adult only pool in hopes that it was less crowded, but they only had adult only hot tubs in the Serenity Lounge. There were only 2 other public pools, and they were FULL of people. You couldn’t get even close to the water because of all the people around it. So, we just went out to the lounging area and soaked in some sun and drank a few drinks. Once we were all toasty, we started walking around each deck to see everything on the boat. We walked up and down the stairs and ended up on deck 12. Fun fact - this ship doesn’t have a 13th floor.

Next, we stopped at the Cloud 9 spa for a little tour! We went into the relaxation room and the thermal room; they were both so amazing. The thermal room had heated reclining lounge chairs, a hot tub with amazing jets, and several steam rooms! The relaxation room had one of the best views on the ship and smelled of amazing essential oils. We sat in there for a bit and got a glass of lemon water before we headed out. The people that worked at the spa were so nice and welcoming. They explained to us that we could get facials, teeth whiting, massages, and more! Since a few of my family members are staying on the deck 14, they were given some free access to some things in the spa! I’m not sure what yet, but I will be sure to tell when we go because I am not missing that!

After the tour, we went down to deck 5 for sushi at Bonsai! It wasn’t included but the prices were pretty cheap for $6-8 a roll and $3 for edamame. I got the Bang Bang Bonsai Roll with edamame and they were both good, not the most amazing thing I’ve had, but still a great option for a quick meal! The edamame had some spice on it which was surprising but actually pretty good!

Once we finished our meal, we met up with the rest of the group and headed over to karaoke at the Havana Bar! We got front row seats and got ready to hear some “great” voices. We were actually blown away at the amount of people that could sing so well! The first person got up and sang an old country song to break the ice, and then an older biker guy came up right after and sang “Ride Sally Ride” in the raspiest voice ever! The crowd was cheering, I was cheering, and that man was sangin’! He rocked the house! And the guy after him did not disappoint either! He rocked out to “Watermelon Crawl” and we were all singing with him!

I was thinking about getting up there, but dogs howl when I start singing so I was kind of hesitant, but when my cousin asked me to duet to “Dancing Queen”, I was up for the challenge! We are both avid Mamma Mia fans, and we busted out that choreography as we sang like we were the main characters! As we were singing, people got up and started singing and dancing with us and I felt like a real-life popstar. When we finished our song, and blessed the audience with my amazing vocals, we went back to our seats to hear an angel sing right after us. I cannot tell you how much we got showed up. She busted out “Proud Mary” like she was Tina Turner herself! We stayed for a while listening to all the great singers before we went back to our rooms to get ready for elegant night!