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Virgin Voyage Scarlet Lady Cruise Day 2


Our second day was a sea day. We started our day at The Wake. This restaurant is so glamorous and has the best views of the boat! You really feel like you’re in a restaurant embellished with the scenery of the ocean! It’s just so posh and modern with a combination of gold, brown and white hues.

The food was pretty good too! Anthony loved his french toast while I had the steak and eggs. Dessert is served on their menu as well which may be sugar overload, but I did think that was really cool to offer it.

We decided to check out the aerobics class next. Like all the other activities on the cruise line, a reservation was needed for this class which can sometimes feel a bit tedious. The aerobics class was a montage to the eighties. Everyone was dressed in their neon gear and headbands. I didn't get the memo, but I should have definitely brought some scrunchies, puffy socks, and my neon t-shirt.


After the aerobics class, we savored some more of the ship’s amazing food! We ate at The Dock House and they had some really good shrimp aioli and the steak kabob dish was just as impressive. All in all, it was such a great feeling to be out on the dock, admiring the breathtaking views! I also noticed that there are so many lounge areas on the Virgin Voyage. The whole vibe really promotes bringing your friends with you to hang out and have some of the most memorable moments—unwinding on the couch or chairs and truly enjoying each other’s company.

When we left the Dock House, we headed to the elevator to go back to out room. There was a big surprise waiting for us in the're never going to guess. To our surprise, there was a band waiting for us inside. They stood still until we stepped onto the elevator, and then they broke into a song. The music definitely got me dancing. I’ve never seen this done on a cruise ship or at a hotel before, so it certainly stood out for us.


That night, we had Italian! The Extra Virgin restaurant was another great spot on the ship. They offered a four or five-course meal and I love that they really take the time to ensure you enjoy the experience as if you were dining in Europe! The food was così buono (so good)! The ambiance was top-notch as well, and they have a server who goes around with an ice cream bar to ensure you get to pick all the toppings you want for dessert which was such a nice addition.


Once we were through with dinner, we headed to the acrobatics show, Duel Reality, which combines gymnastics into the set. They have a really creative plot reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet but with a modern twist! I love how they include the audience in the show. Each guest received a red or blue bracelet so they could cheer for their team during the show. The show starts off with a fight that leads onto the stage and it’s so engaging that you can’t help but root for one side throughout the set. Then, by the end of it all, you’re so invested that you’re cheering for them both!

That night, Virgin Voyage had a holiday production. We only caught the ending but it featured a drag queen doing the show with dancing and singing.

By the end of the evening, we were exhausted? We decided to call it a night and get rested because we knew day 3 would be a full day for us.

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