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Live Aqua Day 1

Live Aqua is an adult only, all-inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico. It is centrally located in the hotel zone. There are so many hotels, shops, and restaurants on this busy strip, so it's a great option for the guests that want to be around the hustle and bustle of tourism. Anthony and I visited Live Aqua 10 years ago and this was our first time going back to this resort. On our first visit we were in awe and we hoped that would be the case this time around as well.

After checking in, the first thing we realized is that Live Aqua now has a duck theme everywhere—in the pond, the bathtub, and other areas of the property. That's right, little, yellow, rubber ducks are the mascot for the hotel. Upon our initial entrance, the hotel didn't have the same grandiose effect that it had ten years ago. We were waiting for the wow factor and we definitely didn't receive it. I'm not sure if they the hotel has been neglected or if we have visited so many resorts that it is a little harder to impress us.

We decided upgrade our room to enhance our experience at the resort. So, we upgraded to the fifth floor which has club level benefits. It was definitely worth it! With Live Aqua's club level, you’re provided with a butler, a cabana by the pool or the beach each day of your stay, a daily 20-minute foot massage, and you receive club access to enjoy the lounge and premium drinks! The club level status is the best option at this resort to have the ultimate experience.

Our club level room was an ocean front with two sides—the living room sitting area which includes a television, couch and lots of space to hang out and a room furnished with a comfortable king size bed, a flat screen TV, tub, a gorgeous sink and more! The room really stood out to us. Live Aqua has done in-depth upgrades since we’ve last stayed at the resort. Before, it was a very standard room. Now, the décor features a deep wood design, a backdrop adorning the bed, and the rooms have a more modern appearance.

Once we were satisfied with our accommodations, it was time to get a taste of the food! We had a scenic lunch by the water at a restaurant called Sea Corner. When we dined here 10 years ago, I wasn’t blown away. However, I have developed a greater appreciation for different cuisines. For instance, I definitely love ceviche now and I find myself enjoying more authentic flavors as well.

At Sea Corner, we had the shrimp tacos which might I add, are very authentic and different in comparison to the tacos we typically have in America. We also had a delicious seafood soup with lots of flavor! My only gripe is that I do prefer my soup to be really hot and that wasn’t the case. Next time, I would just request that option to make it more to my liking. We were also served the welcome drink of the day, a refreshing strawberry margarita! Surprisingly, Anthony and I aren’t big fans of strawberry drinks but we were amazed by how great it tasted. There was some pepper-flavored seasoning on the edge of the glass as well which gave the drink a nice little kick!

After having a wonderful time at Sea Corner, we went back to our room and took some time to unwind. The atmosphere at Live Aqua is perfect for relaxing, so if that’s your main reason for taking a vacation this resort will live up to those expectations. The hotel has all you need to de-stress with spas, comfortable beds and an overall chill ambiance that helps you to really take in the moment.

Next on our agenda for the day was dinner. You guys know that we're not buffet eaters. However, a really nice couple told us that we had to eat at the buffet to watch the Mexican show that night. Yup.....we fell for the peer pressure and ate at the buffet. The company was nice, but the food was average. Anthony and I really weren’t that excited about it.The food also wasn’t that hot and that did put a damper on that part of the experience for us.

If you were wondering how the Mexican show went. Well, while it was a nice touch to have a Mexican band and dancers entertaining the crowd......if the food isn't great, then nothing is great in my opinion.

However, don't fret. There were so many other food cart and restauarant options throughout the resort. So, we were able to get some authentic tacos and drinks right off of the grill at a stand that is set up with hot grilled food throughout the day and night.

After dinner, we went to the Egos Bar for karoke. The entertainment at Live Aqua has definitely changed over the last 10 years. Before, Live Aqua didn't even play music because it was so focused on being a wellness resort. It’s clear there has been somewhat of a shift from wellness and relaxation being the primary focus. From my experience, they’ve now blended with various aspects of entertainment to make it a more diverse hotel.

The energy at the karaoke was hype throughout and the drinks were good too! However, the bartender was overwhelmed by the number of guests ordering drinks. So, you had to wait to be seen and served by the bartender. Despite the slow service, we still got a good kick out of karaoke. Vanilla Ice was the song of choice for the evening. The energy was high and everyone was having a great time. However, after the third time hearing, "Ice Ice Baby," we called it a night. Stay tuned to see see our day 2 experience.

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