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Virgin Voyage Scarlet Lady Cruise Day 3


Our third day on the Virgin Voyage Scarlet Lady began in Key West, Florida! We kicked things off at Razzle Dazzle which generally serves vegan options for dinner time but for breakfast, a wider variety is offered. Anthony and I really enjoyed their avocado toast which I had with an acai bowl! As a matter of fact, the avocado toast may have been the best I’ve ever tasted in my life! Literally! It had so much flavor with just the right amount of spice. Just perfect!


Next, we went to deck 4, got off the ship, and did a Key West bike and cultural tour. I really enjoyed this experience! We spent the day exploring Key West and even though we’ve been there like a million times, it was so refreshing to see the city from a different perspective and witness all the things that have changed since our last visit.

The tour concluded at the Key Lime Pie Bakery—Key West is known for its amazing pie and I can definitely see why! It was soo good! I was suprised that it was slightly frozen when we started eating it but I learned that’s exactly how it’s meant to be. Still, I enjoyed every bite of that pie!

After the Key West tour, we went back on the ship where we just relaxed, and I mean really! I got a book, went out to the hammock on the balcony and it seemed someone hit the snooze button because I fell asleep quicker than I could even think of! Imagine being cozy on a hammock while feeling cool winds sway you to sleep.


That night, we went to The Wake. It’s ambiance was even more perfect at dinner time. Overall, I’d say the food was decent. While I wasn’t too impressed by the lamp chops, the salmon that I had after wasn’t too bad. The Wake didn’t make our favorites list for restaurants to have dinner at on the Virgin Voyage, but it’s still a great place to dine.


With all the stunning inserts and splashes of red that decorate this cruiseline, it was only fitting for there to be a Scarlet Night! The party went from deck to deck with different events happening on each level. It really kept the vibe on a high! Everyone was wearing red and in high anticipation of what was in store.

The crew tried to share the origin of the Virgin Voyage Scarlet Lady cruiseline. The history of it all leans to the side of mythology and they added some sexual innuendos throughout the plot.

As the night progressed I noticed that much like the sailing away party on day 1, there wasn’t a cruise director for the event. So, everything lacked some form of structure. We never really knew exactly what was happening. It seemed almost spontaneous when we saw people come out dancing which then led to a wedding, followed by a party. Scarlet Night is similar to a complex get the full understanding on the second or third time that you watch it. We ended up not staying the entire night and headed back to our rooms to get some rest.

So far, we were loving the food and design on Scarlet Lady, but we weren't impressed by the entertainment and social events.

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