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The Finest Punta Cana - Day 1

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Monday, April 18 - We arrived at the resort two days before our guests to make sure that everything was in place. Anthony and I visited the Finest Punta Cana resort 6 months ago, right before they opened their doors. We were blown away then, and the property looked even more beautiful than we remembered on this visit. There’s something about the energy of the people and buzz of laughter that livened up the property.

When we arrived, the concierge team offered us champagne, festive greetings, and a smile. Then, they whisked us off to the Excellence Club lounge because we had Club Level status. The Club level offers a private check-in, specialty restaurants only for club members, complimentary hydrotherapy at the spa, and so much more! If you're wondering if the Club Level is worth it....Yes, it is definitely worth it.

After we checked in at the lounge, we were brought to our room by one of the friendliest concierge staff members. He opened our door with so much pride because he knew we would love the room. He swung the door open with a broad stroke. The entrance was so dramatic that I was waiting for him to say, "Voi-la." The wow factor was definitely in full effect. The room was brand new and the decor was absolutely perfect for us; modern and chic.....but still very warm. I looked around the room as I made mental notes of all of the items that I would be copying for my decor in my home. The bathroom was spacious with the bold black mirrored shower wall and marble placed as far as our eyes could see. The bedroom was contemporary with a 42 inch television, plush bed, indoor/outdoor jacuzzi, and amazing balcony. To place the icing on the cake, there was a second floor! Yes, this suite comes with a second floor balcony to enjoy a plunge pool, outside bed, and sofa area! The room was absolutely incredible!

We dined at Duke's Lobster & Seafood for lunch. I ordered the Red Snapper (coconut crusted filet, pineapple and bell pepper relish) and Anthony had the Fettuccine (salmon and creamy coriander sauce). Lunch was okay....there are some better options at the resort for lunch in my opinion. However, the CocoLoco was the show stopper! It’s a signature drink that can be found throughout the property. It's nice blend of coconut cream and all the goodies that make this drink the CocoLoco! It's a must try. You can have it served in a coconut or a glass. Remember, not to drink it too fast because you'll get more loco than coco. LOL!

We spent the evening relaxing on our upstairs lounge. If you have an upstairs lounge, you might as well indulge, right?

There's something special about hearing the waves crash, smelling the salt water, and relaxing on the deck that just makes you sigh and forget about all of your worries. I could of laid on that outdoor bed forever, or at least until I got hungry again.

We decided to cap the night at Brass; the steakhouse. Anthony and I ordered the ribeye and the creamy spinach (served on a separate plate). We were both really impressed with the ribeye. You should definitely stop at Brass if you're a meat eater. Brass is on the Finest (family friendly) side of the resort. Adults on the Excellence side are able to go to the Finest Side, but children are not able to go to the Excellence (adult-only) side of the resort. As you can imagine, the Finest side is a lot busier and rowdier than the Excellence side. However, we didn't mind the noise from the families and really enjoyed being able to get front row seats of the Beatles performance from the outdoor dining area at Brass. It was a beautiful night; both adults and kids swayed back and forth to the music. There was even a moment when everyone took their phones out, turned the light on, and swayed their phones back and forth from left to right. It was magical.

That night, I took a deep breath in my bed and sighed for the second time. This time in gratitude. I'm in the Dominican Republic, at the Finest Punta Cana, and I call this work. Thank you God. I am truly grateful.

Resort Tips -


1. Splurge on the Club level rooms; especially the rooftop terrace

2. Eat at Brass Steakhouse's really good!

3. Try the CocoLoco


4. Skip Dummo for dinner; it's the Excellence Club restaurant. The surf and turf is undesirable. We tried Dummo after we left Brass. Don't call us greedy. We're doing research for you! ; D

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