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Live Aqua Day 3

We continued to enjoy Live Aqua’s club level benefits on our third day. We got 20-minute foot massages and relaxed at our cabana for a while. The hotel really has everything you need for your comfort. Still, there’s a lot to enjoy beyond the resort as well! Specifically speaking, I love that Live Aqua is literally right across the street from the mall where you can go for a stroll, shop for different items at the pharmacy or just explore the hotel district.

You could even take it a step further by opting for a tour or excursion. Activities range from a catamaran ride, snorkeling, ATVs, horseback riding and more! To make your Mexican experience more authentic, there are various restaurants you can stop by to deepen your appreciation of the local cuisine! The area is also well secured—I noticed ample security personnel stationed throughout the district which was a plus for me.

Once Anthony and I got a view of what the hotel district has to offer, we returned to the hotel for lunch at Varenna which is an outdoor Italian restaurant. At this cozy spot, you can order items such as pizzas, pastas and paninis. At the same time, you’re in view of stands serving burgers, chicken, hotdogs, and tacos. So, for all the foodies, variety will not be an issue for you at all! Lol!

While at Varenna, we chose the salad. The pasta is pretty good too! We weren’t too fond of the desserts but they do serve traditional Italian options, so the authenticity is there! I’ll admit and say we were actually a little greedy because we had the paella too! In our defense, it was absolutely amazing!

We headed back to our cabana and just chilled for the rest of the day which is very easy to do at Live Aqua. You can’t help but admire the views of the beach and the beautiful blue water. Not to mention, the infinity pools that add an even more serene aura to the resort.

It was time for dinner and our first pick was the Greek restaurant. However, when we viewed the menu, we weren’t greeted with those traditional options that you would expect to see, so we decided to dine at Varenna for some more Italian delights instead, and I’m so glad we did! Not only was the food enjoyable but a few other guests who became our friends during the trip shared with us that the Greek restaurant was their least favorite, so I’m confident we made the right choice!

After a good time at Varenna, we went back to our room and called it a night. We needed our rest for what we anticipated would be another great day at Live Aqua!

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