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Live Aqua Day 2

Day two at Live Aqua Cancun: We decided to treat ourselves to the poolside cabana, and boy, was it worth it! Cabana 26 provided the perfect view of both the mini pool and the larger pool, not to mention easy access to the mouthwatering lunch restaurants on the property.

Now, let me tell you about our butler experience. The morning butler left us feeling underwhelmed with his lackluster service. But fear not, Rodrigo swooped in like a hero in the afternoon! If you're staying at Live Aqua, do yourself a favor and ask for Rodrigo – he's a rockstar!

Breakfast at Siete, the buffet, had its ups and downs. The cooked-to-order items like omelets and freshly made waffles were a delight. However, the pre-made buffet items left much to be desired, as they weren't exactly hot or fresh.

Lunch at Azur, the Mediterranean restaurant, was a game-changer. This semi-open palapa restaurant by the water offered a breathtaking view, and the food was equally divine. Their authentic Mexican cuisine was an explosion of flavors – I highly recommend the hamburger with eggs, bacon, and a mysterious special sauce that had me drooling!

The afternoon was a delightful mix of lounging by the cabana and poolside relaxation. Live Aqua's laid-back atmosphere was just what we needed to recharge before dinner.

Speaking of dinner, we dined at the enchanting Hidden Garden restaurant. True to its name, the restaurant is nestled under the trees, providing an enchanting ambiance. Our waiter surprised us with a delightful assortment of lychee martinis, spicy noodles, and mouthwatering orange chicken with fried rice. However, the dessert left us a bit underwhelmed.

But don't fret – Live Aqua has a plethora of dinner options to choose from. Whether you fancy the buffet, the Asian delights at Seishin, the Italian charm of Sospiro, or a juicy steak at the steakhouse – they've got you covered. And if you're in the mood for tacos, well, you're in taco paradise!

We wrapped up the night with relaxation, movies, and eager anticipation for what day three at Live Aqua had in store for us. Stay tuned for more adventures to come!

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