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Virgin Voyage Scarlet Lady Cruise Day 4

We're Headed To Bimini!

On day 4, we were headed to Bimini! Virgin Voyage actually owns a property on the beach in Bimini.I have never been to Bimini, so I was looking forward to the crystal clear water and bueatiful sites that I have read about throughout the years.

We woke up early that morning and headed straight to Razzle Dazzle.Unlike some of the other breakfast locations, you don't need a reservation for Razzle Dazzle. I don't know about you, but there is no way that I am going to know exactly what time I will be ready for breakfast. So, breakfast reservations will never be an option for me. Once again, we had the avocado toast and the açaí bowl.

The Virgin Voyage property in Bimini is so nice! It’s chic, modern, and luxurious with the most serene vibe by the quiet pool that makes you just want to relax all day long! I love that there are so many areas where you can lounge and lay down with umbrellas. It cost hundreds of dollars to rent a cabana. I could see this price being worth it if it were hard to get a chair, but there are lounge areas everywhere. It's definitely not worth the price.

On property, there’s a quiet pool and a loud pool [unofficially titled by me], but we decided to hang out by the quiet pool. The quiet pool had the perfect balance of people watching, socialization, and book reading. At the loud pool, the Virgin Voyage staff was keeping the energy up. There was dancing, rainbow floats in support of the LGBTQ community, and a lot of crowd participation/engagement.

The beach was breathtaking. The Bahamas has to have some of the best water in the Caribbean, hands down!

Lunch and drinks are served as well on Bimini and are included, however, I must say, I wasn’t too impressed by what they had available. They did a Caribbean-themed lunch with corn on the cob, fish, and some other options. The food theme had so much potential but it lacked flavor. Don't worry about us....we left a little early at went back to the pizza place on the ship for lunch.

Dinner at Gunbae!

That night, we went to Gunbae, a Korean BBQ restaurant. It was my first time going to an Korean BBQ restaurant so I didn’t know what to expect. At Gunbae, you sit with a group of people that you don’t know, and we even heard rumors before we got there that Dr. A shows up and has people in your group and play sexual game. So we were really nervous about how that would go. Lol! However, we didn’t see her at dinner, and our table was pretty laid back and tamed. We met two other couples and we had an amazing time. The host had us play a numbers games together and the rule was that if you lost, you had to take a shot. Anthony and I weren’t doing shots, so we drank our lemonade instead. As much as I loved having fun with everyone, what I loved, even more, was the food! The food at Gunbae is sooo good! Everything tasted great! The chicken for the appetizer, the beef, it was all amazing! We really enjoyed ourselves.

After Gunbae, we had a quiet night of relaxation back at our cabin. Surprisingly, our trip was coming to an end. In less than 12 hours we would be back in Miami.

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