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ICWTT with Dear Future Wifey Day 3 & 4 - Live Podcast & Farewell!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for finally arrived! Day three of the trip was all about the live Dear Future Wifey podcast but before we started setting up for the event in the conference room, breakfast was a must.

I decided to try out the World Café that I heard so many amazing things about, and I'm proud to say, the food was delicious! This restaurant is buffet style so I went around the room, adding all my favorites to my plate, from scrambled eggs to potato wedges, sausages, toast bread and an omelet that blew me away. I requested ham, onions and cheese as the additional ingredients and it was so tasty! For my drink I enjoyed a glass of fruit punch but I was also craving hot chocolate from the Coco Café!

Coco Café has become one of my favorite spots at Secrets St. James. Here, they serve a wide variety of caffeinated beverages and pastries. Plus, it’s open 24/7 which I absolutely love! My server at the buffet was kind enough to actually go down to the café to order the hot chocolate for me since they didn’t serve that specific beverage. I thought that was so sweet of her to do and I really appreciated it.

The podcast began shortly after 10am, and it was beyond amazing! The guests gathered and took their seats before Laterras and Rhianna welcomed everyone. After that, Laterras introduced the special guests. Hailing from Jamaica, Jamaica! (cue that song we all know), it was none other than content creators and media practitioners, Brian and Basillia Cuff! Known islandwide for their comical skits and YouTube channel, Stuff from the Cuffs, Brian and Basillia showed up and showed out at the podcast which is now available for viewing on the Dear Future Wifey Podcast YouTube channel.

The Cuffs gave us a bit of an insight into their marriage and overall relationship, including how they met and how they overcame a really rocky path. Their story includes sacrifices made by both for the betterment of their relationship, and as Lisa mentioned in her closing speech, it was a truly heartwarming conversation to witness, one that had the guests laughing and held their interest from start to finish!

When the podcast came to an end, we gathered on the outside and took a group photo of everyone who was there. To me, looking back at that photo after it was taken perfectly mirrors how successful the trip was and all the fun we had together.

Although the podcast was over, the trip certainly wasn’t! I made my way to the Seaside Grill where I enjoyed a refreshing mango daiquiri and chatted with some of the guests who were there as well. Later that afternoon, our photographer Dario began the photoshoots for the guests who booked private sessions. The gazebo and beach were the lucky spots, and to this day I’m positively shocked by the way some of our guests transformed into top models! They really came with their A game and gave tons of great poses!

Soon enough the evening was upon us, and Marcela, Rafael and I went to have dinner together! We dined at the Mexican restaurant, El Patio, where the food really didn’t seem or taste Mexican-flavored, maybe Mexican-inspired but nothing more than that. I ordered the chicken fajita—it was okay but it didn’t blow me away. Lisa and Anthony were also dining at El Patio, that is until they too were let down by the food and opted for the contemporary French restaurant, Bordeaux, instead. As for me, I called it a night and headed to my suite with my hot chocolate in hand. I just couldn’t resist another stop at Coco Café!

The next morning I had to come to terms with the fact that this amazing trip was over. Nonetheless, I wanted to soak up the last few hours and I started by enjoying breakfast at the World Café. My selections consisted of mainly the same items I had the day before but this time I was sure to get a hot chocolate from Coco Café before heading for breakfast. By the time I was through I returned to my suite to finish packing and checked out shortly after.

Overall, I’m definitely satisfied with my stay at Secrets St. James. While there were some areas I thought should have been better, time spent with the guests, the friendliness of the staff, comfort of my suite and restaurants like The World Café made it all worth it!

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