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ICWTT with Dear Future Wifey Day 2 - Chukka Catamaran Cruise and Dunn's River Falls

The second day of the trip took us on an exciting Chukka catamaran cruise in Ocho Rios, St. Ann. Our schedule for the day also included Dunn’s River Falls and lunch at Margaritaville but before that we would meet up with the guests to board the buses.

I joined Lisa, Anthony, Marcela and Rafael by the lobby as we gathered the guests into their respective groups so we could board the buses.

The bus ride was wonderful! Our Chukka guide, Chantal and our driver, Peter, were so friendly. Chantal kept us entertained and informed, she shared so many historical facts about Jamaica. She even sang folk songs such as Day O by the late Jamaican entertainment icon Harry Belafonte and we couldn’t help but laugh at her jokes and interpretations of intriguing cultural events.

Before we arrived at the Chukka Caribbean Adventures office where we would receive our armbands, we made a rest stop. I also used this opportunity to get some snacks and juice. I purchased a delicious beef patty with porridge along with banana chips and supligen. By the time we were ready to continue the trip, I was full and even more ready for the day ahead.

In no time, we received our armbands and headed to the Chukka Cove catamaran which would take us on a mini cruise to Dunn’s River Falls!

The catamaran is hands down my favorite part of the entire trip! The cruise was so relaxing and the staff, absolutely amazing, attentive and fun to be around. There was a DJ, an MC, bartenders and of course, the captain. Each guest was assisted onto the boat and as we got seated and comfortable, the DJ began to play.

As someone who doesn’t go to the beach as much as I’d like, It was so refreshing to be surrounded by the beautiful Caribbean Sea on that boat. I fell in love with my island all over again, admiring the view of the buildings from the water, and being amongst people who were enjoying themselves just as much as I was. Another catamaran sailed by us as we were on our way. They waved at us and we returned the favor and good vibes!

Shortly after we set sail, guests who wanted to snorkel were provided with the respective gear and assisted into the water, accompanied by a guide. I can’t swim so I stayed on the boat and looked on as they had fun in the water. I know, I know! How is it that I was born in Jamaica, an island surrounded by water, yet I can’t swim?? I ask myself this question almost every day, lol!

Laterras also went down into the water, much to the amusement of the other guests. He led with his charismatic attitude which kept many of us zoned in on him for a while.

It wasn’t long before we arrived at Dunn’s River Falls. Entering from the beach, most guests went with guides who accompanied them as they climbed each level of the waterfall. The remaining guests opted for the “dry walk” option which means they walked along the sides where they could enjoy the view of the river and enter from the stairs positioned at different points. Since I climbed the waterfall just a month prior I went with the latter, snapping some photos along the way.

Climbing Dunn’s River Falls is such an unforgettable experience. With the water gushing over the rocks, there’s a certain thrill you feel as you make your way to the top. There are numerous places to sit and relax during your climb as well. These areas are perfect for taking photos or just enjoying the calmness of the river.

Once the guests had completed the climb, we returned to the catamaran for some real fun! This is when the music really came alive, and rum punch and other drinks were served. The best way to describe the mood was like that of a dance party. I could tell everyone was pleased with the song selections by the dj. He really kept us on our feet!

After disembarking the catamaran, we boarded the buses once more but not to head back to the hotel just yet. First, we dined at the well-known Margaritaville restaurant where we received complimentary jerk chicken with rice and peas and festival (a sweet fried dough, popular in Jamaica). The food tasted pretty good.

On our journey back, Chantal played music and the guests sang along for a while until I heard mainly silence. When I looked around, a few people were sleeping and soon enough, so was I, lol! In our defense, we had been out since 7am!

We arrived at Secrets after 8pm local time, and I headed straight to my suite. Before long, I snuggled under the covers and went right to sleep. I imagined the other guests did the same because the live airing of the Dear Future Wifey podcast was the very next morning.

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