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Finest Punta Cana - Day 5

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

It's another day in Paradise! We had a 1/2 day excursion scheduled at the Marinarium to swim with nurse sharks and sting rays, explore the coral, and have a beach party in the water.

Before we started out excursion, we gave everyone in the group the opportunity to have a personal photo shoot. Whenever we create a group experience we like to capture memories, so we always try to bring a photographer. Marcos at Soul Pictures is truly the best (not one of the best......He is THE BEST) photographer on the island. He took amazing pictures of a couple of our guests and they were thrilled. Email if you would like to have him do a photoshoot for you in the Dominican Republic. We'll set it up for you!

The sun was blazing, the water was cold, and the Pina coladas were flowing. We had a great time swimming with the nurse sharks! I wish I had brought my waterproof camera to show you some pics from the water. The swimming area is in the middle of the ocean in a designated area for nurse sharks and sting rays. Imagine if someone placed a gated playground (picture above) in the middle of the ocean and only allowed the safe sea creatures inside. Some of our guests touched the nurse sharks and sting rays! Me...personally....swimming with them was adventurous enough. It was a truly memorable experience to be able to be that close to the sea animals, and we were even given an opportunity to hold the sea urchins as well.

After we finished swimming with the nurse sharks and sting rays, we snorkeled in the ocean. I was able to escape from our world and enter their world. There is something so special about floating within the sea; hearing the soft bubbles of the fish's breath and seeing the parade of fish circulating around you. It's almost magical.

When we got back on the boat, I thought it was going to be party time. I can have a good time anywhere, but this boat is specifically for the Marinarium's not the best party experience. I think Amstar needed to update their playlist. However, as you can see (picture to the left), I was still on the dance floor!

That night, most of the group members met for cocktails and dinner. It really warmed my heart to see the group continue to hang out with each other, even after the ICWTT itinerary was complete.

Our dinners were the best! The laughter, conversation, and vibe was always so amazing. I really miss this group! Usually, we part ways after dinner but this night we hit the Finest Punta Cana Club. At this point in the trip, we were all so comfortable with each other we were doing more joking than dancing. I will definitely never forget those memories!

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