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Finest Punta Cana - Day 4

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Our group started our day at 9 am in the morning with Just Safari tours. The company picked our group up in Jeeps and let us drive through Punta Cana ourselves throughout the day. This was really cool because Anthony and I have never driven in the Dominican Republic before, and we were excited for the group to have the opportunity to really take the country in. Our first stop was Macao Beach! Macoa Beach is one of the most renown beaches in the Punta Cana area. The water is so clear and beautiful! Our group took advantage of a photo shoot, drinks, and the Dominican Republican wildlife. For those of you that don't know....I love the water. So, I could of stayed at Macoa Beach all day.

As we were leaving the beach, I met a friend. It was the cutest kitten ever. I know that the animals in the Dominican Republic are used to the beach life, but I wanted to take him/her back to the hotel and take care of it. It looked too small to be on its own. You guys...I don't know when I became such a big animal person, but I think Milo (my puppy at home) is changing me. Little did I know, this would be the first of many pets that we would see throughout the day.

Our next stop was at one of the Dominican villages. We went on zip lines and horseback riding. Ziplining was an incredible experience! We zipped through the air over grasslands and rivers. It was definitely a great starter location for people that are new to zip lining. Then, we hopped on horses and rode through the village. I'm usually the biggest scaredy cat on a horse, but these horses actually listened! Anthony was busy taking selfies with his horse! LOL!

The Just Safari tour prepared an authentic Dominican lunch for our group. As much as we have enjoyed the food at the resort, it was nice to taste a home cooked meal. They offered us chicken, rice, beans fried plantain, fried yucca, and pasta. The lunch was AMAZING! While we were at the village, we tried some natural fruits and peppers. Some of the fruits were incredibly sweet and others were so sour. You guys have not eaten a banana or a pineapple, until you taste them in the Dominican Republic. Wow, they were absolutely incredible! We learned how to make coffee, chocolate, and even cigars.

We had so much fun with the Just Safari staff, and I was so happy that everyone was enjoying their time. We sang all the way back to the resort! What a great time!

That night, the group met up for cocktails and dinner. I would go into the details of the night, but some things are better in person. Some fun can't be explained. Sometimes we have such a good time....that you just have to be there...Good night!

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