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Finest Punta Cana: Day 3 - Our Guests Arrive Today!

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Wednesday, April 20 - Anthony and I ate breakfast at the International Market Buffet. This restaurant is shared by the Excellence (adult side) and the Finest (family side), so it is usually a little louder than the restaurants on the Excellence side. There is a large variety of options from areas of fruit, cheese, waffles/pancakes, bread/pastries, and cooked entrees to employees making omelets, serving ham and pineapples, and the famous (at least everyone treats them like their famous) hash browns.

After breakfast, we decided to hit the tennis courts so that I could redeem myself from yesterday's loss. Another round of tennis and another round of Anthony whooping my butt. Guys, I really need tennis lessons! Makes sure that you guys send me some pointers....the defeat is starting to affect my self esteem. Lol!

Similar to the athletes that have to clear their mind before a game, Anthony and I wanted to relax before our guests arrived. Yes, we take our ICWTT events that seriously. We know that people work hard, and their vacation may be the only break that some people get for months or years. We want their time to be incredible! We headed back to the spa for a manicure and pedicure, and relaxed in our room until it was time to get ready for our planned festivities. Time sped up so fast....

The I Can't Wait To Travel With Destene and Brandon event was only a few minutes away! I was filled with excitement and I couldn't wait to meet all of our guests. It's like the first day of school each time. Who will be in my group (class)? Will everyone gel well together? What will the trip (school year) be like?

Our greatest goal is always to provide everyone with a trip that they will never forget. Here's our opportunity!

We met everyone for cocktails at the main lobby bar and held our group dinner at La Petit (the French restaurant). Everyone was so excited to meet the rest of the group, receive their gift bags, and to be at an amazing resort! We have been blessed to always have the sweetest people join our group trips.

Destene and Brandon showed up with the biggest smiles to greet everyone. They are one of the most authentic couples that we have every met! They are literally the same in person as they are on social media. Brandon's shoulder laughs were flowing, Destene's contagious laughter lingered in the air, and the chemistry that we see on Tiktok resonated in its greatest authenticity right in front of our eyes. They're absolutely awesome!

We love our group trips because there are so many different type of people; single, married, engaged, from all over the country, and in different stages of life. Our guests can stick with the group for each event or do solo activities; everything is completely flexible.

As the hours passed at dinner, we talked about our hometowns, occupations, quirks, and really got to know each other. It was such a natural vibe...we went from friends to family in the first night!

It was my third night at the Finest Punta Cana, and I was able to take another sigh of gratitude. Everyone liked each other and had an amazing night.....I'm grateful.


  1. The fruit at the International Market Buffet is amazing! The mango and pineapple taste like they were picked and cut seconds before you eat it.

  2. There is a Tennis Clinic on property that teaches you how to play or improve your tennis game. Obviously, I never made it there! LOL

  3. The lobby bar has some of the best drinks at the bar. Be careful, they do no skimp on the a drink that you may be able to drink at home may sneak up on you here.

  4. Destene and Brandon are absolutely incredible!


  1. We received pedicures and manicures at the spa. Como se dice... (How do you say...) - no bueno (not good) in espanol. The spa may have mastered massages, but they are still working on manicures and pedicures. Please get your nails done before you arrive.

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