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Carnival Vista Cruise: Day 1

Updated: May 30, 2022

By: Jenna Barnes

Today was the BIG day!! I started my Carnival cruise!! We all woke up super eager and early to pack the car and get on the road and head to Galveston! We left extra early since our parking area was far away from the cruise ship and we had to wait for the shuttle to take us to the dock! As we sat in traffic along with the other 4,000 people trying to go to exact same spot, we saw everyone else in their cars wearing sunglasses, hats, and matching t-shirts ... ready to get cruising!!

We finally got to our parking area (right behind a gas station). At first, I was confused, but they had a whole set up with covered parking and shuttles waiting to take us up to the boat. They were so attentive and super friendly. They directed us right to our parking spot. They had a waiting area with a bunch of tropical signs and shade as we waited for the shuttle to arrive.

Once we got on the shuttle to head to the dock, a train got stuck on the tracks

right where we needed to go, so we sat in traffic for about 30 minutes until our driver decided to take some sort of back way to get us to the ship. When we finally got there, we were greeted by several of Carnival’s staff who took our luggage to get checked and brought up to our rooms. From there we were directed to get out our boarding pass, birth certificate/passport, vaccination card, and covid test out and ready to show the check in desk. PRINT THESE OUT! They need a physical copy, so make sure each of these things are printed out and ready to go. Little did we know we were going to have to wait in a 20-minute line with no AC before we got to check in. Once we finally got there and showed them all our papers, we went through security that was exactly like an airport where you put your luggage through the conveyor belt to get checked on the monitor, and then you walked through a metal detector. We then walked into a room with AC, to stand in another line for 20 minutes to get to a second check in desk to get our picture taken and birth certificates/passports checked.

After all the check-ins, we finally walked up to the dock and got on the boat!!! It

was so pretty and was already full with so many people! It was a madhouse trying to get into an elevator, but we had heavy carry-ons and had to go up from deck 4 to 11 so we still skipped the stairs and squeezed in an elevator with several other people, and it was HOT! When you go on your next cruise, the first day is not for pictures, wear clothes you are ready to sweat in, because you will! We of course stopped on every floor since everyone was trying to use the elevators, and by the time we finally made it up there,we were all dripping in sweat.

We made it up to our room and found our keys were in an envelope in a tiny

pocket in the wall right next to our door. We used the key to get in and put our stuff down. We just sat there for a minute to cool down and look around our new room for the next 7 days! We were surprised with just how big the closet was, but the room (Interior Category) was so small, so we had to put all our clothes in the closet and put our suitcases under our bed to make more room. The bathroom was a decent size and came with shampoo, conditioner, and soap, plus we found a hair dryer in the draw of the desk- it was not easy to find. We waited for the rest of our crew to get on the ship then made our way down to the safety meeting at our Muster station. It was super short, maybe 5 minutes long, and then we headed towards the buffet.We were the very last people to grab a plate, since they had to shut down all the food throughout the boat because we couldn’t take off until everyone went to the safety meeting, and people were trying to skip it. Don’t be that person, go to the short meeting!

After another 30 minutes or so, we heard the speakers go off on the Lido deck and knew it was time to party! We ran out to see the DJ starting up the music and getting people on the dance floor. It ended up looking like an 8 th grade dance with 24 people dancing awkwardly in scattered groups for a while. We definitely wanted to join the party, but we needed a few more people out there before I embarrassed myself with my lack of rhythm. Just when the rest of our group went back to the now opened buffet- the song to get me on that dance floor came on: the electric slide! I don’t know how to dance, but I can dance to a song that tells me exactly how to! Me and my cousin stayed back and joined into the now giant group of people dancing on the Lido deck. We had so much fun! Then the Cupid Shuffle came on and even more people joined. Then the best song of all- the Wobble! I cannot resist the urge to get down to that song! Apparently, it showed because I was then chosen by the cruise director, along with 3 other people, as the most fun people of the group! The four of us got front and center and were told we had to have a dance competition to find out who is the most fun person of all. They hit the music and told us to shake what our momma’s gave us- and I did! I have never danced in front of a whole group like that, and I had the time of my life! The cruise director then went to each of us and asked the people on the deck who did it best. It went down between me and one other guy. The cheers went back and forth, but ultimately, he won, and I got second along with a free drink! It was disgusting, but so worth it!

We went back to the room with my reward and sat down on the floor to cool off from our awesome dance session. We sat in there for a while until it was time to go to dinner. We arrived to what we thought was the restaurant for our designated seating, but there are multiple restaurants so make sure to find the correct one for you. Once we left the wrong restaurant and went to the correct one, we learned how to check in on the Carnival App and that alerted them to start getting our table ready. It was so fast that the table was ready by time we got there. We were seated at a table when our server came around and asked all our names. Every time he needed our attention or asked us something, he used our names every time. It was so sincere and personal; he was an amazing waiter. He went around and filled all our glasses with water and gave us this bread that was so good!

After we were all settled, he took our order where we told himour appetizer, entree, and dessert. I got the shrimp cocktail, the steak, and the Carnival melted chocolate lava cake (picture to the left). Everything was so delicious! The melted lava cake is the most amazing thing I have ever tasted!

We finished up dinner quickly so we could make it to Bingo and play for some cash prizes and cruise add-ons like Wi-Fi and drink packages! None of us won, but it was super fun to hear all the jokes from the director.Right after Bingo, the Welcome Aboard Show came on in the same room, the Liquid Lounge, and we were in the front row! The cruise director came back out and entertained us with her jokes and dance moves as she grabbed people from the audience to come up and have a dance battle. It was between a 6-year-old and a woman, so you can probably guess who won due to the cuteness factor.

Next, they had 2 couples come on stage; one was on their honeymoon and other have been married for 26 years, and today was their anniversary! They played a game called “Who knows their partner most," and both the men got every question wrong. It was so funny we were all laughing the entire time. We were even given a sneak peek of some of the entertainment that is on the boat! It was a singer/dancer group, and they were awesome!! They were jumping all over the place all while singing at the top of their lungs, it was so fun to watch!

We stuck around in the Liquid Lounge for one more show, the adult comedy show! They had 2 comedians that were so funny. They used the crowd to go with their bits and they had a joke for everything. As most comedy shows are, this is not for people that don’t like raunchy jokes, but to me, that makes the jokes even funnier! The show didn’t take long and before we knew it, it was already midnight. We made our way back to our room where we looked at the menu for what we wanted to order for room service the next morning for breakfast, and then got in bed ready for a day full of even more fun tomorrow!

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