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4 Foodie Resorts In The Caribbean You Should Definitely Try

The I Can't Wait To Travel team would like to feature 4 resorts known for great food in the Caribbean. If you're like can make or break a trip. The following resorts will definitely impress your taste buds so much that you may just have to go on a diet when you return home.

Excellence El Carmen (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic) - this adult-only, all-

inclusive resort will knock your socks off in the culinary department. They have 10 restaurants and a food truck, and most of their restaurants are amazing! Our favorite restaurants at this property are Magma and The Grill, and there may be others but we didn't try every restaurant. Magma is only accessible to Club members, and it's definitely worth it! This restaurant is absolutely fantastic! We could literally go to Magma for dinner every night of our vacation and be completely satisfied with their great options. The Grill is incredible for lunch and dinner. It's an American grill house that resembles the quality that you would find in an elegant steakhouse in New York City. The Basmati Indian restaurant is also a good choice. You're able to order all of your entrees in a family style setting and enjoy. The only restaurant we disliked was the Lobster House. The food and ambiance didn't compare to the other options. If you go, make sure that you try their Mexican, Italian, and French restaurant for us!

Iberostar Rose Hall - Suite & Grand (Rose Hill, Jamaica)- the Iberostar Rose Hall

Jamaica is split into three all-inclusive properties; Grand, Suites, and Beach. The Grand is the highest property and it is adult only, the Suites is the mid-level property and it caters to families, and the Beach property is the lowest (in regards to price) of the three properties and it also caters to families. Today's feature is intended for the amazing food in the top two tiers of this resort; Iberostar Rose Hall Suites and Iberostar Rose Hall Grand. Unfortunately, we were able to taste a difference in the quality of food and drinks offered at Iberostar Rose Hall Beach. Make sure you try the buffet! We know that may come as a surprise because there are so many great restaurants to choose from, but it's perfect for picky eaters and large families. There is an American section and a Jamaican section, and the Jamaican section is so authentic. Plus, the buffet has so many options that you'll definitely leave happy.

Sandals Royal Plantation (Ocho Rios, Jamaica) - this boutique, adult only, all-inclusive

resort has 74 Oceanview Butler Suites. The staff to guests ratio is so small at this resort that you'll feel like you're staying at your distant relative's mansion. The property has 5 amazing international restaurants. Plus, you have full access to Sandals Ocho Rios (located within a 5 minute drive) to dine at their restaurants as well. When we stayed at Royal Plantation, we couldn't believe the quality, detail, and effort placed into each meal. For our American viewers, the dinner restaurants are very formal. So, practice your formal dining etiquette! There are more forks, knives, and spoons on the table than months in the year. One of our team members jokingly said that he was looking forward to going back to the U.S. where he has one fork and he can place his elbows on the table! Lol! Make sure you try their authentic Jamaican breakfast. Their ackee, saltfish, and callalou is pure gold. They also offer one of the best Pina coladas I've ever had in my life! Also, don't forget to ask for their incredible lobster and french fries dish. It's so yummy!

Sandals LaSource Grenada - this an adult only, all-inclusive resort on the Spice Island - aka Grenada.

Grenada is known for spices and traditional dishes embedded in its culture. Sandals Grenada has 10 restaurants and they're absolutely amazing! Sometimes Caribbean food is not always featured in an elegant presentation, so it was refreshing to be served traditional Grenadian foods with such a beautiful presentation. We tried roti, curried goat, oil down, cou cou pois, and fried bake & salt fish. Another popular restaurant choice is Le Jardinier, the French restaurant. Le Jardinier offers breakfast and dinner options that are so delicious.Honestly, all of the restaurants are fantastic. However, we enjoyed the Spice Caribbean restaurant the best because it provided a window into the Grenadian culture. If you're in a new country, eating the traditional foods can provide insight and history of the island.

Let's be honest....we love to eat. However, we love seeing our clients enjoy their food on vacation even more. If you would like to ask our team about the food at a resort that you're thinking about or would like us to book your next resort email

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