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About Us 

Mission Statement 

We aim to provide a memorable experience for all of our individual and group travelers.

We promise to uphold a level of care and attention to detail that allows our clients to have peace of mind, body, and soul when they travel. Our goal is for our clients to look forward to each travel adventure, capture the “I Can’t Wait To Travel" spirit, and learn about themselves as they see the world. 

Our Vision

Our greatest hope is to give back to the countries that welcome us into their country.
Our objective is to provide supplies and educational opportunities to the children in the countries that we visit. We want our exploration to make us better people by giving back to those in need. CLICK HERE to learn about our "giving back" opportunities. 

Meet the Founders


Lisa has always had a passion for food and travel. She started off on her journey as the owner of a food and travel blog titled,  The Florida Palate. As she traveled the world and gained knowledge of the tourism industry, she realized that she had so much knowledge to offer. So, she became a travel advisor. She quickly realized that not only did she get excited about her travels, she loved hearing about her client's adventures and seeing their eyes widen with joy as they shared their experiences. She has enjoyed creating and organizing trips and events across the globe for her clients.  Her love for travel is displayed in the detail she places into every client's trip. "I Can't Wait To Travel" is Lisa's mantra because she truly believes that everyone needs an adventure to look forward to. 

Lisa Service

Image by Jonatan Quintero

Anthony has been in sales and management for almost two decades. He has successfully sold and marketed three different software brands, managed several teams, and provided great delegation to close deals across the globe.  He takes care of the business aspects of the I Can't Wait To Travel agency.

Surprisingly, when Anthony married Lisa  (2006), he wasn't fond of flying. He can clearly remember clenching the seats of the airplane for dear life as they flew to Jamaica for their honeymoon.  Time has a funny way of changing things, because Anthony can hardly recognize that person. With business meetings all over the country and jumping on flights to keep up with Lisa, his discomfort  has transformed to a great fondness for travel. Now, he actually flies more than Lisa and loves sharing his travel knowledge with her. 

Anthony Service

Meet the ICWTT Travel Consultants

Lisa S.

Operates as the ICWTT Co-Owner and a Travel Consultant. She has over 6 years of experience in the food/travel industry. She books travel everywhere! However, she specializes in travel in the Caribbean, Central America, and the United States.

unnamed (7).jpg

Marcela M.

Marcela  operates as the ICWTT Team Leader, and Travel Consultant. She has over 6 years experience working in travel management, tech support, and sales. As a traveler herself, she specializes in travel to Europe, cruises, and theme parks. 


Jennifer D.

Jennifer is an ICWTT Travel Consultant. She has first-hand travel experience from all of the trips she has taken with her family. She is a Caribbean and Hawaii expert. Plus, she specializes in cruises. Jennifer knows how to find the best deals!


Image from iOS (7).jpg

Rafael M.

Operates as the ICWTT Executive Assistant,  Marketing Specialist, and Travel Consultant. He has over 6 years experience working with hotels, vendors, and clients. 


Jenna B.

Jenna is an ICWTT Travel Consultant. She specializes in cruises, backpacking, and all-inclusive trips. Jenna’s ultimate goal is to find everyone their dream trip without breaking the bank!


 Fader R.

 Fader is a travel consultant that has so much experience from vacationing across the globe with her family and planning corporate vacations.  Her vast knowledge has equipped her to really do well in cruises, group vacations, corporate trips, leisure adventures, and romantic getaways. Fader knows how to find great deals, even at the last minute!

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